Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver and pick-up the equipment?
At this time, no, we don’t.  Our business is strictly drop-off and pick-up for our customers, meaning that you will need to pick the guns up and return them to our home office location. Click here for our address.

Do you provide a location? / Do you rent a venue or space for events?
We may in the future, but at this time, no, we do not.

How long is the rental period?
All rental prices are for a 24-hour period. Plan to either (1) pick up the rental package the day before your event and return it the evening of event, or (2) pick up the rentals on the day of your event and return them the day after.

Multiple-day rentals are available. Contact us and ask about our discounted rates for multi-day rentals.

I’m not sure what to rent!  What do you recommend? /
Do you have a standard party package?
Our party packages page lists some example packages for your convenience.  However, at any given time, our inventory of available guns varies due to other rentals as well as wear and tear on the guns.

When booking your party, let us know which specific guns you want to rent (if any), and the general types of guns you’re interested in.  If you’re not sure, no problem! Contact us and we can help determine a selection guns that would be appropriate for your event.

What information do I need to provide to you when booking a party?
We will need to know the number of guns you will want to rent, any specific guns you really want to have, the style of guns you want to rent (automatics, rifles, blasters, pistols) and the ages of the participants.  We also require a valid credit card on file to reserve a party package.  Again, if you’re not sure, contact us and we can help determine a selection guns that would be appropriate for your event.

Can I cancel my rental after booking it?
Yes, but please note that we charge a 50% fee for rentals cancelled less than 48 hours before the scheduled pick-up time.

Can you recommend a good location or venue for a NERF party?
Depending on the weather, and the style of games your group might play, your local city park or school playground works really well, usually.  Gymnasiums and community halls are also great. Many of our customers simply have a NERF gun battle in their back yard too.

Is eye protection provided?
Yes!  Goggles are provided free of charge for all participants of your event.

Are the NERF darts included?
Yes! We provide each NERF gun fully loaded, and supply extra darts if requested.  You are simply charged for any darts that are damaged or not returned.  Additional cost is $0.25 per dart.

What happens if a NERF gun is lost or damaged?
You will be charged for the replacement cost of any NERF gun that is not returned, is returned damaged or inoperable, or is returned with missing parts. Missing or damaged darts carry a charge of $0.25 per dart.

Will batteries come with NERF products that require them?
Yes. All rented automatic NERF guns will be supplied with batteries that are fully or near fully charged.  We’ve never yet had a customer complaint about batteries, regardless of how much the automatic guns are used!

Are these rentals just for kids?
No! We like to say that our rentals are perfect for kids of all ages. We cater to family gatherings corporate events, office parties, etc., as well as children’s events.

What is the minimum age recommended for children using the rentals?
It all depends on the guns you decide to rent, the types of games you will play, and your location for playing the games.  Younger children (8 and under) are usually comfortable carrying around blasters (medium-sized) and pistols. The rifles and especially the automatics are heavier, and so can be difficult for younger players to carry around all day. That said, rifles and automatics can easily be fired by young children if they are, for example, defending a base and have a place where the gun can be mounted.  Some of the automatics also come with a bipod or tripod.

How far in advance do I need to book my party / event?
We ask that you place your order at least 7 days prior to needing the NERF guns.  However booking as early as possible is recommended, to ensure availability.

What NERF guns are your most popular?
We find that our automatics, our assault / sniper rifles, and our blasters are all very popular.

I’ve sent an email and have not gotten a response?
First, please check your email spam folder.  Sometimes one of our emails gets flagged as spam. Otherwise, please call or text us.

What kind / style of games do you recommend?
Capture-the-flag style games usually work well for older children, teens, and adults. This site has suggestions for capture-the-flag variations, or research your own!  Note that an adult or teen-aged referee can help these games run smoother, especially with younger children involved.

We find that younger children usually prefer less structured games, like free-for-all games (every man for himself); unstructured two-sided NERF battles; or zombie-hunter or vampire-hunter style games.  E.g. Have an adult or older child act out the part of a zombie or vampire, and have the rest of the group hunt them.  The other participants must be careful not to get touched! Otherwise they become part of the vampire / zombie team.

Another popular activity for all ages is a shooting gallery for prizes or bragging rights. Set up pop cans and bottles, plastic cups, metal cups or bowls, toys, figurines, and other targets in the designated shooting gallery area, have a gallery organizer monitor the activity, and award points for each successful hit.  Here are just a few ideas you could use:

  • Targets on tables up against a wall
  • Hanging plastic cups or other targets from  furniture, gutters, awnings, a playground, or a tree
  • Tower of plastic cups on the ground or on a table

Finally, this site has suggestions for a large number of different NERF war ideas.

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